The Correspondent’s Desk

The Correspondent’s Desk

The school is the sanctum sanctorum in the precincts of the field of education. It is the place where we chisel and hone the skills of a student and turn a nugget into an ornament. TJV Sowcarpet has a penchant for perfection and to attain that acme of perfection we keep our logistics well calibrated.

We at TJV keep ourselves abreast of times during this metamorphosis of the traditional learning to the new era of technology driven curriculum. It is our earnest desire to train and mould our students for the space age. We know we have the onerous responsibility of not only imparting knowledge to the students but also inculcating moral values to them, but we are ever willing to pick up the gauntlet.

In these 30 years since its inception, we have sauntered and cantered and then galloped all the way to a point where we can look back and reminisce at the indefatigable spirit of our school management. With the unrelenting and indomitable effort of our teaching fraternity TJV has made a steady climb to the pinnacle and carved a niche for itself in the realms of education. In all modesty the prognosis for the school is a stellar performance in the years to come.

Ashok Kumar Mootha